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Lawn Grooming/Landscaping
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Want to freshen up the look of your property? We can place rock gardens, colored mulch, or just dress the lawn with soil, with almost no labor for you!

Foundation Work

Whether you are building a small house or a high-rise apartment building, we can assist with the aggregate transport and precision spreading required to build a solid foundation.

Commercial Projects

Stuck on how to get material into an awkward space? Our trucks can be utilized in a vast number of hard-to-reach applications, many of which aren't recognized until our customers find themselves in a pinch!

*If you're unsure if our service fits your job, or if the job doesn't fall under one of the above categories, please call! (204) 228-0288!

Our Story

Started in 2011 in Winnipeg Manitoba, Rockslinger Services is a Family owned and operated business. This is something that we take great pride in. We believe that in both family life and business, many of the same principles are required in order to acheive health, progress, and move forward in a positive direction. Our mission is to genuinely provide the best possible service for our customers. We are one of the ONLY companies in Winnipeg, who focus solely on the transportation and precision spreading of aggregate, and we are confident that you will take notice of our unique attention to detail.


"Setting The Bar" Since 2011


Since 2011,  we have been building positive business relationships with some of the largest, and most respected aggregate operations in the province of Manitoba, granting us access to a wide variety of material which can be spread through our machinery. These materials include:


  • 10 mm (1/2") round washed pea gravel

  • 38 mm (1.5") round washed drainstone

  • 20 mm (3/4") round washed drainstone

  • 1/4 down limestone

  • 3/4 down limestone

  • 3/4 clean limestone

  • 1" limestone

  • 1" black granite

  • fill sand


  • play sand

  • top soil


  • lawn dressing


  • 4-way screened flower bed mix


  • wood mulch (red/black/brown)


  • A-base


  • pit run


  • Screened, washed & round

  • This colourful, smooth stone can be used for decorative or practical purposes

  • Commonly used for playgrounds, walkways, a base for paving stones, drainage or pipe bedding

  • Inexpensive & versatile

  • Suppresses weed growth & retains moisture

  • Prevents erosion


          Pricing is variable dependent on a number of factors, including material type, volume, location, etc. Please inquire to discuss your needs!



Customers & Affiliates

Here are a few of the great companies we have worked either for, or alongside since we have entered the workplace in 2011!

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